Tragic News...

Our producer Scott Stalone lost his studio "Found Sound" to a flood last night in Manayunk. You might have caught him on the 10pm news tonight. Anyway the water came up to about 5', destroying most of his equipment and his entire vintage record collection. Unfortunately two of our songs for the upcoming album, "Rear View Mirror", and "Maker Maker", ended up floating in the grime. Scott is trying to salvage his Hard drives at present. The band went by yesterday to help with the cleanup. (It was really gross!) We will keep you updated and let you know if there will be any fund raising event. (Scott's flood insurance was cancelled when his policy was sold to another company, unbeknownst to him.) Scott is a really great guy and the best producer we have ever worked with. Just e-mail the band (Hilary) if you would like to offer your support.

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